EOS Adenso

EOS Block Producer in Vladivostok, Russia.


Name / Organization

Andrei Semenov / ADvanced ENgineering SOlutions, LLC
I’m Founder and GM of ADENSO, LLC company that focused on IT integration services, sales of telecommunication equipment, providing voice and data transmit systems via SDH and other optical technologies. Been in the field of telecom and engineering more than 15 years.

Location, both of service techs/owners and hardware

Our servers will be located in Vladivostok, Russia.
The parent company ADENSO runs a local data center.

Hardware specs

We have 3 dedicated HP servers with Xeon CPU / 64G RAM / 6 TB HDD.
We are planning to scale our servers according to load requirements.

Internet connection info

Our data center has two independent internet channels from two ISP. We are planning to scale to 1GB fiberwire connection if elected

Additional geek-talk such as redundancy, power supply backups, etc

To provide power supply backup we use professional UPS Stark Country 3000 online. It has capacity for 20h of work with 1000W load.


Email: sem@skh.ru
Address: Vladivostok, Russia, 25 Kalinina str
Phones: 8 (423) 227-95-30, 8 (423) 295-09-45